Wanna get faster….”Take a Walk”

Calling ALL athletes.... Do your Easy... EASY and your Hard... HARD!

So simple, yet so effective.  Some of my best ideas have come while walking, (this post and others) because it allows me to slow down and get in tune with what I need for my mind & body.   But how is walking going to help me get faster?

At work, a short, 3- 5 minute walk to get up from the computer or just stretch the legs out is a great way to get refocused.  This length of walk is also a great way to start and finish a run or any workout in the gym.  Try using walks in the 20-30 minute range on a day of no swim, bike, run, core strength, etc... as a way to just loosen up a bit, aid in the recovery process and quite your mind because you are not working out in your chosen sport(s)

Remember training is recovery based.  Can't tell you how many athletes I have seen over the years that are stuck in the middle with performance and often injury prone.  Active rest, recovery workouts, zone 1, whatever name you want to give it, it must be EASY! Otherwise, when it is time for endurance, tempo, threshold, VO2, Zone 5ab or C, Anaerobic, etc... you will be compromised in these sessions and struggle to meet the training objectives of the workout.  Allow yourself the time to go easy when called for, so you can maximize your training time and adapt to the harder training sessions.

Finally, Taking a walk allows me the time to reflect on what I have accomplished both personally and professionally.  A time to set my intensions & desires for what I want to accomplish in the future.  A time to just practice present moment awareness and embrace where I am at right now!

If you have questions on setting up structured rest and specific training plans, please contact me at eric@coachericneilsen.com

Make it a great week of training and try taking a walk if you do not already incorporate that into your day!

Coach Eric


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