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"Syncro swimming Aussie Style"









Training programs for open water, triathlon and pool competition.  Having coached both USA and USMS club programs over the past 30 years I feel like I know what it takes to reach your swimming goals. That said, I am still learning from all the wonderful athletes I get to work with.   For those who live locally, private sessions in the pool & on the Vasa Ergometer are great for technique work and determining functional threshold power.  Remote coaching has gained in popularity and private sessions can be scheduled via Zoom or FaceTime.

Overcoming a "monospeed stroke"

Benefits of training on a Vasa Swim Ergometer
The Vasa Swim Ergometer is a key training tool for me and the athletes I coach. Here are a few reasons why:
1. Access to consistent swim training - that fits into my busy schedule without the commute;
2. Technique work - Refine essential fundamentals with "perfect" practice - often not possible in the water;
3. Measure & track power - know where you are and build plan to get you where you want to go. If you want to learn more about how the Vasa Swim Ergometer will help you in your training, visit for more details.When you are ready to buy a Vasa, please email: for a 10% discount code.Sincerely, Eric Neilsen
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