Happy Bike = Happy Rider

We now have more daylight hours than darkness and with the extra hour of light after the normal workday, more and more people are out on their bikes.  Now would be a great time to take care of your annual maintenance on your bike(s) so you can enjoy the increased riding time and be safe on the roads knowing your bike is in good working order.  Here are a few links that may be helpful as you prepare for a great spring/summer of riding.

Bike Maintenance specific to Road/TT Bikes

Bike Maintenance specific for MTB

4 Easy bike tune up tips

For the home mechanic

Keep the rubber side down and have a great week!

Coach Eric

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  1. Better to spend a little up front to have a race-ready bike than to have a mechanical DNF after spending money for race registration and travel! I've seen too many broken chains, blown worn out tires/tubes, etc ending a race. I start with new tires/tubes/chain and this year even new cables and housings.