Just exercise

With all the technology available today to analyze training data (speed, cadence, power, distance, heart rate, etc...) it is very easy to get caught up in the numbers and over think things.   Don't get me wrong, having some hard, quantifiable data is very helpful in measuring how training is coming along and if progress is being made.

Equally important are the workouts from time to time when you leave technology at home.  No Garmin's or Polar watches to measure the above data items, no iPods or smart phones to play your music.  Just you, the clothes you exercise in and the additional items needed to complete the exercise are all that is needed.  After a good warm up of 10-15 minutes, just allow yourself to settle into what ever pace your body/mind is feeling like for that particular day.  Do your best to tune into your surroundings both on what you see, and what you hear and continue to adjust the pace as your body dictates.

In addition to leaving the technology at home here are a few other things you can incorporate a workout that can help you just enjoy the the exercise experience and add a little variety

  • Try taking a different route on your next ride/run or walk.  
  • Swim in a different lane at the pool or try a new stroke  
  • Get caught up with a friend you have not seen in a while by going on a "social pace" workout.
  • If possible, get off the roads and on the trails
  • Focus on the best technique possible since you have no idea how fast/far you are going

The bottom line is that exercise is just  good for you. Getting started some days may be the hardest part, but know that you will almost certainly feel better at the end of the workout in both body, mind and spirt.

Make it a great week
Coach Eric

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  1. Running without a GPS watch is freeing, but I always feel funny like I don't have "proof" I did my workout. Very silly, I know, considering I rarely miss. As usual, great reminder.