Help a Newbie

We all were beginners in the sport of triathlon at one time.  I have learned so much since I started racing in 1986 and grateful for all I have learned from my athletes, friends and training partners over the years.

As kids most of us grew up riding a bike around the neighborhood, we certainly ran everywhere we went. Some even had the opportunity to play in a swimming pool, pond, lake or the ocean.  So, one could say that we were triathletes when we were younger, but just didn't know it at the time. Now as adults, we know pain, fear and are a little less likely to get out of our comfort zone especially when all decked out in spandex.

So, if you know someone new to the sport, reach out and ask them if they have any questions or need any help.  Take a little time out of your training and help/mentor a new athlete in the sport of triathlon.  It does not have to be a lot by any means, but just making the effort will go a long way in helping ease the fears of a new triathlete.  Here are just a few things that newbies typically need help with:
What to wear when swimming, biking and running
Body glide is your friend
Buddy up with a newbie who is learning to swim in the open water
How to get in/out of a wetsuit and not be completely exhausted
How to put on a swim cap 
Get familiar with the rules of the road
Group rides the do's and dont's
How to ride in the aero position
How to climb/descend
How/when to shift gears
How/when to brake
How to change a flat tire and use that CO2 cartridge
What to eat/drink on the bike & run
How to eat/drink on the bike & run
Did I mention Body glide is your friend
How to safely & efficiently navigate T1 & T2
Time saving steps in T1 & T2
Thanks to my mentors: Kerry O'brien, Alan Voisard, Hal Goforth, Kevin McCary, Doug Wood, Luis De La Torre
Make it a great week of training,
Coach Eric


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