Brandon Mailhot

Simply said you’ll never regret selecting coach Eric as your sports coach. I started triathlon 8 years ago, for fun. My whole community and wife all enjoyed it and because I can’t do anything half ass, I dove in! I worked hard but on my own knowledge. I quickly found that endless hours of training  wasn’t helping me improve. I was lacking structure and accountability.


Thankfully, I was referred to coach Eric , and it was the best decision. He has supported me through 15 Ironman 70.3 races and my first full Ironman distance race in November of 2019, achieving a sub 11 hour time.After establishing my baseline , he progressively pushed me to achieve my personal best, over and over again he took me from a 6hr 15min 70.3 finish to now a consistent sub 5 hour time. He has prepared me for races in Canada, New Zealand and throughout the United States, helping me to train based on altitude, landscape and course. I have proudly stood on podiums that I never thought were possible when I started. His passion for his athletes, and genuine care of my success is something I’ll forever be grateful for. His mentorship goes beyond numbers and metrics. Simply said, you’ll never regret selecting coach Eric.


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