Bill Greentree

As someone who travels extensively for work I need a training program that is adaptable and doesn't leave me confused about how to make a workout fit into my varied schedule. With Eric I get a personalized training schedule specific to my abilities, desires and scheduling needs. In addition, Eric excels in something that few other coaches can -- the mental aspect of training for racing and triathlons. Eric's coaching and availability have worked wonders in this area. The workouts are challenging without being impossible and have allowed me to progress from being a middle aged coach potato four years ago to finishing the Ironman World Championship this year. In less than four years with Eric I've gone from slug to completing 3 marathons, 8 half Marathons, numerous 10K and 5k races and 3 triathlons. If you're willing to do the work you'll find his help, feedback and support may take you places you had no clue you could go -- including the finish line at Ironman. Aloha.


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